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Oakford Inn
4508 US Hwy 1 Neshaminy Mall Dr
Neshaminy, PA 19053
(215) 750-1319
Stash - Allentown - 11/15/2007
I saw a scam here. Get a couch dance, and the dancer goes beyond the alloted time, she then says I did a double, can you pay me more for the add''t time. Happened twice, cant be a coincidence.
drew - harrisburg, pa - 9/23/2004
The girls at this club dance behind the bar and strip down to a g-string. Most of the girls are pretty attractive. You can get a couch dance for $15 that lasts about 5 minutes. The couch dances are great! Once you get in the couch dance room the girls let you put your hands all over them, including their breasts and butt! I got couch dances from Samantha and Jordan. Jordan has the sexiest butt! They couch dance for you in a g-string.
chris - lancaster - 4/21/2003
Nice place. Couch Dances rock. Robin is the best.