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So Co (Southern Comfort)
20980 N Brady St I-80 N Mt Joy Exit
Davenport, IA 52804
(563) 391-9424
Fairfax Guy - VA - 9/27/2004
I visited this club on a Saturday evening after hearing from a friend from home that this was one of the best clubs he had visited in the midwest. The facility is not much, it is rough and crude but what SoCo lacks in appearance is more than made up by the quality of the entertainment value. This is club does not serve alcohol, but it means this dance demonstration club can be full nude. One can bring in their own beer. One will see a variety of endowment but all are pleasing on the eyes. Most perform with high energy and most with skill. The main stage is at a level the brings upper thighs near eye level when they lay down during their performance. The ladies invite men, and the handful of women who attend, to touch their backs and breasts with their hands. The private dances are $20, and though not full nude, the performer invites the recepient to touch anywhere not covered by the thong. A couple of ladies who visited the club were enjoying the entertainment and allowed the ladies to allow the ladies to lift their tops and touch them. The two sensuous female patrons enhanced the experience as it was evident that they were exploring thier sexuality. If these female patrons ever read this review, let me say that it was a joy to watch their pleasure reaction to and response to the entertainers, and to the gift they received. I was pleased to have taken the friend''s counsel and would affirm that this is one of the hotest places I have had the pleasure in visiting.
Mr Impressed - Illinois - 6/11/2004
I went to So Co while driving through on the Hot Rod Power Tour. Great place. Highly recommended. Full nude, and the girls weren''t shy at all. You can carry your own cooler in and set it next to you. Some places require you to give it to them and they "hold" it for you and you are expected to tip them a buck to get your own beer! Not so here. Lighting was great and the atmosphere was clean and professional. The bouncers were constantly picking up empty cans and cleaning up. They were not thug type bully types and were friendly too. It was a Thursday night and they had maybe 8 of the best looking girls I''ve seen. I never got tired of watching them. All the girls were very erotic and definantly took pride in their work. I probably sat through 4 rounds. Touching was not discouraged after a tip. It''s been 15 years since I felt titties like that. Not one girl was so-so. They were all gorgous, very friendly and very erotic. The African American girl was out of this world! I''m still amazed at her abilities. No hassles about lap dances or buying the girls drinks, it was just plain ole relaxing, kicked back fun entertainment.
john - Davenport - 7/11/2002
This club is very unique out of all the clubs I have gone to... and I have been to a fair amount of them here in the midwest. it is $10 to get in. whether you say that is for parking or to get in to the club. I think it is a bit steep... when I first sat down I saw nothing but silicone and was thinking to myself "how gay is this?" there are some great non silicone babes there too but not as many... the other con of this place is the rather grungy interior ... however you get to see girls completely nude... I believe that is only on tuesdays and thursdays though... I may be mistaken though...and being well versed in that unwritten code of conduct in strip clubs: that touching the three b's (beaver, butt and boobs) is forbidden... I was blown away when one girl grabbed my hands and put them all over her totally perfect breasts... that is the reason it gets five stars... if it weren't for that.. this place would get a 3 star rating.... the thing that sold me on this place was the private lap dances... you can touch boobs and buns as much as you want... you just can't touch crack, or cooch or their underwear... and you can't kiss them or lick them or suck on them...eventhough some of the girls are pretty mouth watering... otherwise everything else is fair game... another definite plus is the more relaxed atmosphere and no obnoxious loud music or DJ... Dj's can be cool at times but alot of them suck... you can actually leave this club without losing your hearing... it is more brightly lit on the stage which I didn't really dig that much at first as you can see the other creepo's more easily but I got used to it... and the fact that you get to fondle the girls makes it one of the best experiences I have had at a strip club... there are some stunning girls even with silicone there as well!